Flight Times

2023 Passengers meet times listed below.


Once you purchase a flight, you will need to call our office during business hours to schedule a date for your flight, you may do this now or when you are ready, advance notice required. All balloons fly twice a day either early in the morning or in the evening before sunset. We require advance notice for booking your flight and only one date at a time may be reserved, on a first-come-first-served basis. Make your reservations early to get the date of your choice.

Weather decisions are the sole responsibility of the Balloon Quest pilots and we will provide a flight decision prior to the meeting time. If the pilot determines the conditions to be flyable, you will enjoy a memory of a lifetime! However, if our pilots determine unstable conditions, we then appreciate and expect your support of our pilot’s decision. Our pilots are commercial hot-air-balloon pilots trained in weather and will make that decision for you based on safety and the overall conditions required to ensure a wonderful experience.

Sunrise flight: If you have chosen a sunrise flight, we will provide you with a wake up call at a specified time, that you request allowing enough time for travel. If weather conditions are unfavorable for the flight, NO WAKE UP CALL WILL BE MADE. We can not stress enough, do not panic if you don’t get a call, we do not want you to waste a trip to our location. Simply call during office hours to reschedule your flight, if you did not get a call. And remember: NO CALL = NO FLIGHT

Sunset flight: If you have chosen a Sunset flight it is mandatory that you call our office 1 and a half to 2 hours prior to the meeting time. This will ensure your reservations and arrival time if weather is permitting. Please do not call early for the weather decision. Since this information will not be available until the final weather check by your pilot just before the call in time. If the weather is unfavorable for flying, this call will save unnecessary travel time and you may then reschedule your flight.

Office opens promptly for flights and passenger meeting times listed below.

2023 flight season April-Oct weather permitting.

MON        DAYS        AM            PM 

JAN         ALL         7:45 AM        3:00 PM

FEB         1-15         7:30 AM       3:30 PM
FEB         16-28       7:15 AM       4:00 PM

MAR        1-11          6:45 AM       4:15 PM
MAR        12-31       7:15 AM       5:30 PM

APR         1- 15         6:45 AM      5:45 PM
APR         16-30        6:30 AM      6:00 PM

MAY         ALL           6:00 AM      6:30 PM

JUNE        ALL           5:45 AM      6:45 PM

JULY         ALL           6:00 AM      6:45 PM

AUG        1-15          6:30 AM      6:15 PM
AUG        16-31        6:45 AM      6:00 PM

SEP         1-15          6:45 AM       5:30 PM
SEP         16-30        7:00 AM       5:00 PM

OCT        1-15          7:30 AM       4:45 PM
OCT        16-31        7:45 AM       4:15 PM

NOV        1-4             7:45 AM      4:00 PM
NOV       5-15           7:00 AM      3:00 PM
NOV       16-30         7:30 AM      2:45 PM

DEC          ALL           7:45 AM      2:45 PM