Balloon rides in Detroit

Why Choose Us

Balloon Quest Inc. Capt. Phogg Balloon Rides is proudly celebrating 50 years of hot-air-balloon flights over Michigan! As one of the largest, and longest full service running balloon operations in the country. Our pilots are world class pilots with thousands of hours of experience and many years of flying. Balloon Quest is committed to making all flights fun, exciting, and packed full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Private Location

Our balloon port location has it’s own private launch field where each flight starts. Our showroom location is perfect for viewing our gorgeous balloons launch. Families are welcome to come during flight times to see our balloons take to the sky. We also have many balloon displays and Capt. Phogg history at our showroom. Our gift shop on location, is ideal for purchasing small gifts for loved ones who have a passion for flying.

50 Years in Business

We are one of the longest running and largest full service balloon companies in the country. You should expect more from professionals than to randomly meet at some parking lot, park or someone else’s business location. We are located in a beautiful country setting with easy access to surrounding cities, a short drive but still out in the country enough for the right kind of ballooning area. We are an easy drive from Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Pontiac, Brighton, Toledo and more. We are dedicated to offering the most professional service to our customers, which means that our location, pilots and crew will always strive to offer the best ballooning adventure.

World Class Pilots

The pilots and crew are very knowledgeable about balloons and how they work. The team members also take safety very seriously so that way you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun! The World Famous Capt. Phogg is a United States National Champion and the First World Hot-Air-Balloon Champion. In the ballooning world Capt. Phogg is the best of the best, he has since retired ballooning, but his legend lives on in the captains who fly for Balloon Quest Inc. The captains at Balloon Quest have thousands of hours of experience and are very knowledgeable of the area, giving passengers a fantastic experience and also making sure that passengers see the best sights during their flight.

Gorgeous Area

Our flying area is gorgeous! There are 50 different lakes within our flying radius of the launch field. So when passengers go up they are going to see some of the most beautiful scenes one could ever imagine. There is bountiful woodlands and wildlife, giving the area a unique and highly photographic beauty. Each season brings out it’s own type of beauty: In the Spring everything is in bloom with bright eye catching colors and flowers. In summer the trees are a luscious green and fields are golden like honey. In the fall the trees are filled with vibrant splashes of oranges, reds, browns, and yellow. In the winter everything looks like a crystal ice palace, that shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight. While flying in our area one is bound to see wildlife, such as deer, turkey, fox, hawks, and more due to all the woods and countryside. It is just beautiful!

Don’t be fooled by Call Centers or Ticket Agencies posing as balloonist.

Make sure while shopping around for hot-air-balloon rides that you don’t get fooled by those other companies that don’t have physical locations. Some of these are just ticket selling companies that will try to claim they have hundreds of locations. Ask the sales representatives specifically where they fly from, their showroom location or you could be getting scammed! When talking to our company we will tell you exactly where we are located! Another thing to ask is how many hours the pilots have logged. A pilot could have many “years” of experience, but not that many hours of flying if they are just part time pilots. Most of the time when you call these ticket agencies, they are not pilots, they are just sales representatives in a call center. When you speak with us on the phone you are talking to an actual pilot or balloon crew that can answer all your ballooning questions! Ask specific questions like where the launch field, business or showroom is located. Ask how many hours of flight the pilots have flown. Be sure to watch out for the scams! Here at Balloon Quest, passengers can come see our showroom, check out the launch field, speak with a pilot and purchase gifts from our gift shop in person, over the phone, or online! We are the real deal!