Balloon rides in Michigan

About Us

We are one of the largest and longest running balloon ride companies in the nation to offer our own full service location and launch area for our customers. We are dedicated to offering the most professional services, which means that our location will always strive to offer the best ballooning adventures. Flights are 7 days a week twice a day once near sunrise and another about 2 hours before sunset as long as weather permits a safe and enjoyable flight. Ballooning is very weather permitting, so patience is needed in ballooning, you may schedule more than once to get good weather for your flight. Our pilots are some of the most experienced in the country, with years of flight time, so rest assured that we will give a great flight experience. We always look to make your flight a lifetime memory.
An important fact you need to know is hot-air-balloons completely rely on the weather, so the pilots and companies experience is everything. The weather is critical when it comes to ballooning and we need great weather and calm winds to fly.  We rely on the winds to be calm, visibility to be good, and no precipitation. Flights can get cancelled due to the weather not cooperating on any given day. If your flight is cancelled due to the weather, simply reschedule your flight with us until you do fly!
The adventure begins at our 6 acre Balloon Port located in Fenton, Michigan. You will enjoy your hot-air-balloon flight over Michigan flying among many lakes, woodlands and rolling countryside and your flight will be anywhere from 45-60 minutes long and sometimes longer always dependent on those great landing locations. Upon our chase team returning you to our showroom, passengers are invited to raise a glass as their pilot toast to yet another dream come true, with our traditional Champagne (or juice) celebration. Passengers also receive a “First Flight” certificate suitable for framing, and a flight souvenir. Family and friends are more than welcome; allow 3-4 hours for the entire adventure. When only the very best is good enough, consider a Balloon Quest balloon ride for yourself or for that special person or occasion.