Ballooning Together


Purchaser Agreement

You are about to begin one of the greatest adventures in your life. You will be sent a flight certificate after your purchase is processed and you may call our showroom or stop in to schedule a date for your flight. All of the adventures include a flight certificate, champagne or juice toast and flight souvenir. All flights are weather permitting, simply reschedule if needed.

Flight certificates are NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason.  Flight certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase although if weather does not allow the flight simply continue to schedule a date until you fly. Though they are not refundable, the certificates are transferable upon the request of the passengers.  Balloon flights require very stable weather conditions such as light winds, no precipitation and good visibilities.  If the conditions do not permit a safe & enjoyable flight experience, our pilots will cancel the flight and we ask that passengers respect our professional decision to ensure their safety.  Due to the nature of these flights it is common to reschedule, possibly many times – passengers simply reschedule as often as necessary to find a flyable day.  Scheduling is provided with advance notice and only 1 date at a time may be reserved.  In order to cancel your reserved date, you must give a 48-hour notice. If you call the day of your flight to cancel, and we fly it is considered flown. Upon arrival, passengers are required to sign a release of liability form and passengers under 18 must have an authorised adult signature.  Balloon Quest is committed to the safety of our passengers, which requires cooperation and patience.
Passengers under age 5 years are not allowed to fly. Balloon Quest is committed to the safety of our passengers, which requires cooperation and patience. You are accepting this agreement upon purchase.

Please check box for agreement, verify total and number of passengers and “Proceed to Paypal” Most credit cards are accepted you do not need a Paypal Account. You will receive confirmation of payment and then a certificate and information will be emailed (or regular mail if you requested in the notes) to you after your order is processed, then just call to set your flight reservation date. Have a fantastic adventure with the leaders in ballooning. Balloon Quest Inc – Capt Phogg Balloon Rides.